Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Tale of Two Freddies

Jonathan's very first friend was Freddie, a gift from a friend. The poor dear is in storage right now, but soon to be released. When 'they' were infants, I would hear Jonathan cooing and gurgling only to peek into his room and see him with his head turned toward Freddie. At 3 months old, they had some extremely serious conversations.
Fast forward 25 years. Here is Freddie the 2nd. I had to lift this photo off Jonathan's MySpace. Jonathan recently adopted him. His name came with him.
While scanning the photo of baby Jonathan in his crib, I scanned a few photos my mother wanted.

This is my cousin (on the right) with his son and grandson. The older gentleman is his former father-in-law. Cousin has maintained an extremely good relationship with the man.
Isn't my niece just precious?! Oh, she is my grand-niece. She is an only child so far, but one of 8 total grand nieces and nephews that I have.This next photo is from about 1945. My mother is the older (approximately 10-years old) of the two girls. The other is her only sister (approximately 6). They married brothers many years later.
Our weather is nasty. We have freeze warnings out for overnight. I don't mind it as long as we don't have to get in the car. The people around here are not used to freezing weather and they drive like idiots. We don't do tire chains. Very little sand is spread except on bridges and overpasses. In other words, if you don't have enough food for a couple of days (cause that's about as long as it is going to last) then you better get there today. Then STAY HOME!
I checked out my bluebonnets while walking down to the mailbox. (That's water drops on them.) I am going to have more than last year. Sam isn't going to be too happy that they are spreading out. What? Me worry? ;o) When they bloom in the spring, you can bet I'll be back with photos!

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