Sunday, February 8, 2009

Beautiful Saturday

What a beautiful sky this morning. With temps predicted to be in the low to mid-70s, the local motorcycle riders planned a trip to Powderly Texas. We at at a little restaurant called Borderline. They had an 18 ounce hamburger on the menu. 18 ounces! One couple ordered it to share. One man ate it all by hisself. (That's a funny word - probably grammatically incorrect...but, What the hey! I'm from northeast Texas!) The meat hung out all around the large bun by a good two inches. Forgot to whip my camera out.
After we ate, we stopped in Paris (Texas!) at the Harley shop and scanned the bikes and clothing.
Seems that we had ten bikes and 13 people.

I rode with Sam. It's been two months since I last rode my own bike and I didn't want to be in a group of people when I got back on it. I need to go to a parking lot and ride it, turns, stopping, starting. Besides, the wind was blowing terribly! And it was blowing from the side. If I'd known it was going to be that bad, I probably would've stayed at home.
This morning - I am so sore. I feel as though I rode a horse all day long! That pillon/pillion seat for the passenger is really not made for butts. And it is a better (term loosely used) replacement seat than the stock seat.

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Cherry said...

How brave are you riding a Harley around Texas - a dream of my husbands (riding a Harley around - not necessarily Texas, but that would be great too!). Not a dream of mine, I'm afraid of 2 wheeled bicycles with motors!