Monday, February 9, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays

We desperately need the rain. It's been so dry. Temps aren't bad either...just a bit coolish. So, I'm not complaining about the rain. (to hear Rainy Days and Mondays, you need to go to the bottom first and stop the "juke box.")

I am working on a pair of socks, tackling a more complicated pattern than I've done before. I think I dropped a yarn over (knitters know what I'm talking about). On the next row, I saw a hole. So I started past the hole and noticed it was bigger. Unknitted another row...bigger hole. Unknitted one more row...not only was that hole getting bigger, but I had another hole on another needle. Jerked the needles out and started ribbetting it. Threw the whole she-bang down on the ottoman and walked off.

When I cool down, I'll go cook supper.

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lani said...

Sherry Im laughing so hard I am going to show you my knitting by picture when I get will think you are a professional....Lani