Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beautiful Rain

We had about 3/4 inch of rain today. Never heavy at any one time, just nice slow drizzling day. Predictions are for rain through Saturday.

I haven't gotten into my flower beds yet. Been too busy with the quilting project. I have the final quilt sandwiched and ready to start quilting. As soon as this rain stops, I've got to get rid of the weeds and put down more mulch.
Sam saw a hummingbird today! I got the feeder out and made syrup for it. I'll hang it tomorrow morning.

In the meantime, I took these photos yesterday. I filled the bird bath immediately after taking the photos. That frondy thing is a Deitz lily. The little green just to the right is a hosta starting to emerge. See the bluebonnets in the foreground?!
More bluebonnets ready to bloom in front of and to the side of the azaleas. And another hosta. To the right of the azaleas are nandina bushes. Just about everything is going on four years old. Small bushes, huh? Because the windows are so low, Sam wanted miniature everything. They seemed to just lay on top of the ground for the first two years. Oh, look at the green water hose too. ;o) I told ya, I haven't worked the beds yet!!

The black snake is my soaker hose. When we laid out the beds, I wove the soaker hose around the shrubs then covered with mulch. Sam's theory is that the mulch helps to clog the soaker hose so now it resides on top of the mulch.


Carol said...

Very nice! Here in OK the daffodils have bloomed - and froze. Lots of purple Iris blooming now -- with snow predicted for Friday. Oh well, I hope to start all over on the beds again anyway.

Carol said...


What did you have published? And where? Separate book or part of another publication? I read everything I can get my hands on. Currently in 2 book clubs.

hose adapters said...

Pretty garden! I love those bluebonnets ready to bloom. Anyway, like you I also put soaker hose in my garden and it so nice.


Sherry said...

hose adapters/seff
Thank you for visiting my blog and complimenting my bluebonnets!