Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Signs of Spring

I love babies! When the colts and calves start hitting the ground it is just further verification of spring. This pretty baby belongs to our neighbors and friends.
I've been quilting. I have a project going on. Details of which I can't fully divulge now. Some friends found out what I was planning, then they elaborated on it for me by sending 'kits' for children's quilts, fabric, quilt blocks, and even money to help with the project. I have made five quilts (albeit small) in just a few weeks. Some were already pieced, some fabrics to coordinate, two I dug around in my stash and came up with something.

They are all machine quilted on my regular sewing mid-arm or long-arm quilter.

I played with this one more adding more quilting. The center section is basically straight line quilting with a few swirls following the pattern. Flowers are quilted in the pink cornerstones with an all over quilting pattern in that pale pink border. The entire outer border and cornerstones are a large meandering.

I love this fish quilt. I used the sunflower quilt pattern located here but went shopping in my stash. I made the top, then using a fusible, fused the fish directly on the top in a random pattern. After edgestitching them down, I layered the quilt and quilted in slightly wavy lines across the quilt representing (in my mind anyway) ocean currents. This is a fun quilt!

In a week or so, I will tell the 'rest of the story.'


tisme said...

I think your machine quilting is very, very good. I love that quilt you fused the fish on, it is so cute.

Cherry said...

HI Sherry, I love your fish quilt! My husband's aunt is a quilter and each family member are so lucky to receive our very own quilts sewn by Auntie Bev. Fish, ocean and fishing are big parts of our lives (obviously) and she made a quilt for our first grandchild with fish etc. I will take a photo and post for you to have a look at!