Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Won a Door Prize!

I went to Women's Garage Party at the Harley Shop in Longview this evening. This was their first time and it was a great success. We were divided into four groups and went to four stations...finishing with a fifth station to fill out a survey. We were shown the Harley's, appropriate riding gear, parts department told of several things that can be done to make 'your' Harley a better fit for 'you,' and how to pick up a 500+ pound bike. I did it! I've been wanting Sam to lay my bike down and let me try to pick it up...well, not pick it up, but set it upright. My bike is another 200 pounds heavier though. I still need to give it a try.

AND!!! I won the big door prize! They gave away two t-shirt celebrating May as Ladies Month. Then a basket with a bag that can be worn over the shoulder or clipped to the belt loops on a pair of jeans, a pair of shades, a disposable camera, a photo frame, and a doo-rag. YEAH ME!!

On to more sedate things...this is what I've been working on with the ribbon yarn.
Rats, the cables don't show up very well. This is the first time I've ever attempted cables.
And, look at this. I read someplace that when doing stockinette stitch, that the purl side looks looser on the right side. Mine does. Look just above the ribbing at the thick and thin rows. I am now making a concerted effort to tighten the purl stitches and make looser knit stitches. The stitches closest to the needles are more even. I am NOT going to ribbet what I've already done. I am still learning how to knit...and I am extremely proud of what I've accomplished so far.


tisme said...

Wow, that is awesome you won!! I love the purse.
I was practicing on learning to knit, but got busy with other things and have not had time to get back to it. Maybe this winter.
I am hoping the weather here will finally stay warm, and we can get some riding in.

Holee said... what's that! It was 28 here this morning! Since Tammy is just south of me I don't think she was much warmer.

I go to several biker sites to buy beads. That pouch is not cheap! You got a good one!

Tom H said...

Careful, Sherry; when pickin up a bike. My best friend was uprighting his, and broke two vertebae. That was two years ago. He still has problems, and no more riding....Hey! I liked your comment on my Blog "quiltingandcarving" Thanks, I'll be taking your advice too.