Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Parlez-vous du français ?

Aujourd'hui nous avons pris notre Harleys à Paris.

Better that I say, Hey, y'all! Today we rode our Harleys to Paris...TEXAS!

Now I used one of those online translators so please don't scream at me for using incorrect French grammar. Thank you.

I really, really enjoyed the ride. It was about 150 miles round trip. I've been 'riding' in my mind...stopping...starting...making turns. And the 'practice' paid off! I stopped beside Sam most of the time not two lengths behind him. Didn't make the bike die any time that I started off. And while I'm still not as zippy as Sam is on the start, I am soooo much better than I was last fall when I stopped riding for the winter.

I admit. I am a fair weather rider. As my confidence builds I can't help but improve. Now. Turning in a tight spot. roll eyes


tisme said...

WTG!!! I am so proud of you for riding period!!
I took the motorcycle safety course, got my license and am scared to death to go out on the road. I had an 883 hugger, sold it. I could ride my husbands springer, it fits me perfect. Maybe someday!!!

Kar said...

Sounds like you had fun. And looks like you have been very busy with your projects too! They all look very nice. I haven't work on any knitting for a while. I should get back to some socks. They are therapeutic to work on.

Hope you have more nice days to go riding. Have fun!