Saturday, June 20, 2009

I got up at 6 a.m. this morning trying to beat the heat. The low for the night was 76 degrees. Sigh. First thing...I saw a baby bird on the porch. He wasn't developed enough to fly yet. With my gloved hands, I scooped him up and put him back in the fern. He was so excited and upset - he jumped out again. (Our porch is concrete!) I took the fern off the hook to verify that babies #2 and #3 were still there. They were. So I scooped up the escapee and placed him right on top of the nest. He realized that he was 'home,' so settled down. I put the planter back on the hook.I got up and moving that early to spread mulch. The bluebonnets have finally dried and seeded. I'd pulled the plants up out of the flower bed and moved them down by the bigger patch of bluebonnets down between the crepe myrtles and the driveway. So...time to spread 60 cubic feet of cypress mulch. The big bed took 13 bags. Isn't this just the prettiest hosta you've ever seen - in MY garden?
Time for a break with a glass of iced tea now that the temperature has climbed to 86 degrees at 10 a.m. This is what I see from the 'park' bench on the porch. Doesn't it look like a cool oasis?
I bought a couple of wind chimes the other day. This is a rooster. I love the colored glass and just the least little breeze sets him to 'crowing.'This little fellow hardly sings at all...even hung from a slender branch. I am so glad I got the rooster too!
This fellow perched on the staff that the hummingbird feeder hangs from. At first I thought it might be a parent bird...but it's not. The babies in the nest are bluebirds. I spied the mama bird with a worm in her beak waiting for me to leave. Which I did...
See the empty spot in the middle? I dug out the mountain laurel. It just doesn't belong in this acidic soil in northeast Texas. I put it in a pot. Perhaps it will grow in it. I have to decide what to put into the empty spot.
After spreading mulch, I poured stuff around the azaleas to make the soil in this bed more acidic. I've been putting lime around the laurel...and this stuff (whatever it is, it also has iron and other stuff for azaleas, camelias, and a host of other plants) around the azaleas. Nothing but the nandinas have been doing much good. So eliminating the laurel can do nothing but help the azaleas.

Then, as if I hadn't done enough already...just spent four hours...WHAT?! FOUR hours sweating. That is sooo unlike me! ;o) After my shower, I made an apron. I saw a regular bbq apron at a ...surprise!!! bbq place... It was a regular chef-style apron with ruffles. Sam didn't like it, but I looked it over real close from afar.
I laid my old reliable apron out and got into my scraps. That is a piece of baby blue eyelet for the body of the apron and just strips of whatever for ruffles. Even though some of the fabrics look the same, they aren't. Perhaps I need to just lay it down on the bed or try hanging it and take a regular photo...not the reflection of some poor bloated woman in a mirror. That's just so not fair! And 'they' lied! Humphf...'They' say that the camera adds only ten pounds to your figure. That is so not true. I bet in reality it's really twen...I mean thirty pounds! Betcha!!!
Are you counting down to my giveaway? Information will be in the very next post!


Shogun said...

You know I love the gardening/bird topics. I am so glad you put that baby bird back in the nest.

What kind of bird is sitting on the hook? I can't tell what color it is.

We're not as hot as Texas, but today the humidity and heat finally went up to the point that it makes me a wee bit whiny. I also like to get up very early to get things done before it is too hot and usually before anyone else wakes up.

Holee said...

Oh, all that lovely heat! It was humid today but with awful storms. When it gets warm enough to go out, it pours here!

Today I packed some more. My son got the job on the base in NM but they put a hold on it now...I thought they were making jobs? If we need to defend ourself againt Korea then it'll be a rush. In the mean time he's continuing the interviews.

I love the apron! You should get the ladies to make them and offer them 1/2 price if they buy the cook book!

Shogun said...

So I have looked up the Tanager, that is a new one for me. I have never seen one. It almost looks like a Cedar Waxwing, but we do have those here so I am probably picking birds I know.