Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blah Day.

Yesterday. Blech. And I think it was due to reading James Patterson's new book, Swimsuit. Very well written of course, but gory. I would read part of it. Put it down. Pick it up later. Normally I can absorb a novel in a day or so. This one took almost three days to finish. I wanted to know how it ended. So. Anyway. I didn't do much of anything yesterday.

The day before I made yet another scrub top. Yesterday afternoon I did crank up the machine and made a pair of bottoms. Both out of camouflage fabrics. Jonathan brought some scrub tops that are just too short. I mentioned putting a coordinating band of fabric along the bottom. He didn't think it was a very good idea...thought it would look like a skirt. One of the tops is orange. I'm going to take some of the camo fabric and put that 1 1/2"-2" band along the bottom and sew some of it on top of the v-neck. If it weren't so much trouble, I'd take the pocket off and replace it with camo...but I'm not going to go to that trouble...just in case he still thinks the band on the bottom looks like a skirt. When I finish that...I'll get them in the mail in a couple of days.

OH! I didn't mention that Jonathan and his girlfriend came for a weekend visit. We had a short, but good visit. He took her around to visit some of the relatives. She didn't call the bus station for a quick ticket outta here either! ;o) They also went to the State Park and walked the nature trail around the this heat. Argghhh! I'm so glad I let them site-see without me.

If you camp, swim, canoe, etc., you've GOT to visit the Daingerfield State Park! This park of one of Texas' best kept secrets. Tell 'em "Sherry sent ya!" And be sure to let me know that you're there!

Late afternoon yesterday, Mama called me and asked if I wanted to raid the garden tomorrow (today now) or Saturday. I opted for today. Soooo glad that I was only 73 degrees when I got up at 6:15. While she had me on the phone, she told me what to bring - a couple of buckets. And to put the squash and cucumbers on the bottom. To be sure not to put the tomatoes on the bottom. THEN she called me back and told me to bring a pair of gloves. AH-HA! She forgot to tell me to bring a knife! Being the good daughter that I am, I didn't mention it.

Not a big garden, but it's got a good yield...squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers. They (Mama, brother and his wife Marilyn) have already harvested cabbages, onions and more onions, and turnip greens. Joey (baby brother) has been pumping water out of a pond and flooding the garden. Squash blooms are so pretty!

Baby squash in the making. My goodies... Yep. I know that I got some green tomatoes. Fried green tomatoes tonight for supper!


tisme said...

Dang it Sherry, you always make me hungry!! lol
I love fried green tomatoes.
Joey is doing better today, moving around and even playing some one handed video games. lol
Thanks for your prayers and thoughts.

elsie123 said...

It may have been blah for you, but it turned out really well for me! I got your package in the mail today, and can't wait to go through all the recipes! I've had some competition for the apron, we'll see how much I get to wear it... Thanks, Sherry, and keep on posting. I'm looking forward to the 300th giveaway!