Thursday, July 30, 2009


I finished a quilt! It's a Double Wedding Ring, but the arcs aren't pieced. I pieced it on the machine, but hand quilted it.

It has over 350 hours of hand quilting...that unfortunately doesn't show very well on the backing.

It does show in this unfortunate block. Blood from being poked with the needle. Tomorrow I will pretreat and wash it.

I put this in the quilt frame April 2007! Can't believe I quilted a whole-cloth quilt in 11 months and this one took over two years...eye roll...

Edited: Thanks to everyone for advice. I did use hydrogen peroxide when the bleed first happened and thought the blood was out. I waited for the bleeding to stop, then sat back down to quilt again. Unfortunately, I didn't wait long enough and the first time that finger rubbed the fabric, the bleeding started earnest. I spread a line of blood across that area. So, I daubed on more hydrogen peroxide. Evidently just enough to force it into the batting where it didn't resurface until a while after I'd rolled that completed section of the quilt under. While unrolling it to show off my stitching to someone, I noticed the blob. Treated it yet again with hydrogen peroxide and let it dry. When the 'rust' showed up again, I got disgusted. That was one of the times I didn't touch it for a couple/three months when I should've quilted every chance I had so that I could get it out of the frame and washed.


elsie123 said...

Have you ever got stick-to-it-ivness! Wonderful job, Sherry. :)

Chris said...

It is such a gorgeous quilt. I have had good luck photographing my quilting stitches next to windows that are receiving sunlight when the sun is at a low angle or indirect.

TattingChic said...

I know you said you are pre-treating it and washing that block. I also know you were not asking for advice, but I'm going to share some unsolicited advice (which I rarely do, and I hope it's not too unwelcome, LOL!).
I know an old "nurse's trick" of getting blood out of white fabric...poor hydrogen peroxide on the fabric and soak it with hydrogen peroxide in the water you wash it in, too! It doesn't harm the fabric and it gets blood out of white...NO PROBLEM!!!

TattingChic said...

ha ha ha! I meant to say "pour" not "poor" hydrogen peroxide, LOL! I DO know how to spell, really! ;)

karenfae said...

Sometimes it just takes longer to quilt that other times! It all depends on how many projects you have going at the same time!
I have never heard of the peroxide trick if I have a small spot of blood on my quilts I use the saliva trick.