Saturday, August 1, 2009

Update on Building...

Sam finished his potty room last week. I just haven't had time to post photos.

It's small. Not enough room to cuss a cat without getting hair in your mouth,

but it's adequate.

A cabinet over the commode is needed for a couple of towels, change of clothes, and necessary paper products. He also needs a towel bar and toilet paper holder.

The utility tub outside the room is plumbed too. After the photo, he screwed a leftover piece from the potty room of finished backer board behind it for splashes.

Ditches are dug for plumbing and Sam has piping installed from the well house to the building, but the ditch digger was centered behind the tractor and the ditch is about 6 inches farther from the building that Sam planned on. He had to get additional plumbing and couplings. rained. And it rained. Yesterday it didn't rain, but he was gone. So, it rained again today.

But...Sam was in bed sick. He must've eaten something yesterday that really played havoc on him. He said 'it' started just before midnight. I must've been sleeping hard because he didn't wake me the first time. He's feeling better now...up and dress. But the only thing he's had has been 7-Up.


karenfae said...

it is looking good. So nice to be able to clean up in the workshop instead of tracking into the house. My hubby got sick with a summer cold that is really taking him down this week - so no work outside getting done this weekend for us - hope he doesn't pass the gift of a cold on to me!

Shogun said...

Hope he feels better soon. And hey it's a bathroom, who needs lots of room?? I guess I am one of those (rare) people that doesn't need a deluxe bathroom.