Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kid Stories

I've been telling stories 'out of school' on another blog, Kar's Down Home Bliss (look in my sidebar). She started it by mentioning that her daughter eats butter like Karin's dad did. So, I told a story on my older brother.

My lucky mother had three children - stair steps - before she was 20. I was born in the middle of those three, but being the only girl, I am proud to say that I do NOT have middle-child syndrome.
February 1952 - Leslie (we called him Junior, but he's not a true Jr.)
August 1953 - moi
December 1954 - Billy (now called BJ because his son is a Billy but not a Jr.)

Every time we did something was when Mama was outside hanging clothes out on the line to dry. We were 'in bed taking a nap.' Bwahahaha! So she thought!

One day she walked in and Junior was in the kitchen, obviously very awake. The stick of butter on the table was gone. She looked at him. He burped. The butter rolled up and out of his mouth. ;o)
Then I made the comment - You don't want to know what I did while Mama was hanging out clothes. Yes, Kar and her visitors did want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So...

I was in bed taking my nap. Bwahahaha. When Mama came back in the house she found me wide awake. Sitting in the middle of the old wood kitchen table that had seen better days. In other words, the finish was just about gone if it ever had a finish. I had emptied the box of Niagara starch. She said it was the pink flakey stuff that you mixed with cold water...not the white powdery starch you had to cook. I had played in the starch smearing it on the table. That would've been a bad enough mess to clean up, but...I peed.

Notice year of birth? Before disposable diapers. Rubber pants were hard to come by. Mama said that the mothers nearly killed for a dry cleaners bag to cut up and pin over diapers.

So...I'm playing finger painting with starch wet with pee. ;o) Since she had to clean me up first, the starch was well on it's way to drying and hardening by the time she got to it. Mama said she never got all the starch out of the cracks and crevasses. I'm sure she bleached it a couple of times...and we continued to eat off said starched and peed on table.
BJ...You know. She didn't really tell any stories on him. Perhaps there's just too many! I'll have to talk to her some more.
Back to Junior...You know how kids like to help. She pulled a chair up to the sink for him to stand on while he 'washed dishes.' Beats me why she left the room...could've been BJ was into something. Not me. I was a perfect child. whistle whistle whistle Starch? What starch? When she returned to the room, Junior was sitting on the cabinet with his feet in the sink.

Junior got his picture taken on the horse so did I. Ain't I just so cute? (See the guy's feet under the horse?) I got my photo taken twice on a pony!

Here's Mama and Daddy back then.

Fourth child was born September 1964. There's already a photo of him on the blog someplace. He put rocks and gravel in my gas tank when he was four. I'd just as soon not talk about him right now.


Shogun said...

Oh I love this posting, with the great stories and accompanying photos!!!

Gloria said...

You sure did make me laugh.

Well it is official we signed the lease today. We will be living in Austin come August 31st.

Kar said...

Rocks in the gas tank? Sorry, but I'm am laughing about the whole post, again! Love the picture of you in the dress. Too cute! Now that my face is hurting from laughing again, I must go make lunch.