Sunday, August 30, 2009

Early Fall

A couple of weeks ago I made the statement to Sam that we were in for an early fall. He asked me what criteria did I use to base my observation on. Well. Let us not forget that my grandmother told me on numerous occasions that her grandmother was full-blood Cherokee from Paul's Valley Oklahoma. But with Sam needing more 'scientific' reasoning behind my statement I merely replied...'Cause we had our August in June. June was the hottest I can ever remember. Combined with the lack of rain...well...I still ascertain that we will have an early fall.

Now. I modestly (ha!) present these three photos as proof.

Yellowing leaves from two different trees...

Look at the brown pine needles!

I rest my case! (Thank you great-great grandmother!)

Sam's going to be shocked when he sees me. I got my hair cut. Long overdue as far as he's concerned...he will be pleased.

I hate self-photos. If I'd wear more makeup it might help. Then...maybe not. ;o) Droopy eyelids...genetics!

My beautician (yet another Sherry) knows that I work my hair to death and initially prefer to have every hair in place. She told me that after I wash it to just comb it back and let it dry...scrunching it up a bit. So...I've been trying that. Takes me about that ***snap*** long to 'style' my hair now. I'm enjoying it!


Shogun said...

We're in the last week of August and had rain every single day for the last week and 50s-60s, feels like fall to me.

I think I am a tomboy, I hate grooming :)
It's a lucky day if I comb my hair, and it is LONG.

lrmart said...

Love the cut... Guess I won't be seeing any red leaves when I go to TX in Nov..
We're planning on going to visit my grandson in Montgomery Tx the first week of Nov...

Lady Beekeeper said...

I'm with you on the fall - told my husband this weekend that it is coming early. I am not Native American but I know some things like that!

Shogun said...

Our rabbit does live outside in a hutch, with a dogrun area so he can run around in the grass and enjoy the sunshine. No indoor pet rabbits for us!!

Gloria P. said...

Hi Sherry:

Sorry Tom and I didn't get to stop make yours and Sam's Acquaintance. Timing was off, too late in to land on your doorstep. Well maybe we can get together another time.

Yes fall is approaching us early this year, fall is happening early in Boston as well.