Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fair Day

Small town...small event. But, Oh! How much fun! I am so glad that I volunteered to help present baked goods to the judges ... I wound up inside all morning instead of out in the drizzly damp weather. Still battling this cold so that was the best place for me. Weather people missed it all around...we were supposed to have sun and party cloudly. LOL

I presented the baked goods to the judges. Snuck a bite of a delicious looking chocolate cake...could only detect creamy icing and sweet. This dratted cold has affected my senses of smell and taste. NOTHING has any flavor! I can detect sweet, sour, tart, salt, spicy heat...that's it. Upside...I've lost about four pounds. Downside...for Sam anyway...I'm not cooking. I'm not going out to eat. Sam can't understand my logic...why spend money on food I can't taste?! I grab a bite of something here and the hunger is barely satisfied...but since I can't satisfy the taste issue...I'm eating enough.

I entered quilts and socks in the 'county fair.' Everything was judged in it's own category, but then the highest scores from the categories were pooled into the divisions (or vice versa) and ribbons awarded to the top three. For instance in Needlework, I won 1st place with this:

2nd place with this:

3rd place with this:

So you would think the socks would be in their own category...they were. But then the three highest points from Quilts, Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery, etc. were taken from all the categories and ribbons awarded to only the top three.

But hey! I'm not complaining!! ;o)

I saw people I haven't seen in quite awhile. A cousin who now lives in Alaska...hadn't seen him since 2000. A guy headed the other direction saw me and shouted out my name. I threw up a hand and waved at him. I STILL don't have the foggiest idea who he was. LOL With a brother 11 years could've been one of his friends. Saw high school classmates...and lots of other people.

After the baked goods judging, then a hamburger lunch...which I ate about half. I could taste smoke from the meat...and tart from the dill pickles...sigh...I went to help out in the library's Friends group booth. We sell cold drinks. LOL We should've had coffee and cocoa! But they told me that we'd sold quite a few drinks during the chili tasting ;o) and several cookbooks. We were sitting under someone else's canopy and they were ready to leave so we packed up about 2 or 2:30. I collected my quilts and socks and went home...took some cough syrup...tried to find something that had some flavor. Sigh. Eventually went to bed.


tisme said...

Colds are the worst this time of year. You don`t know which kind of jacket you need up here in PA.
The weatherman never is right. lol
I just wanted to tell you that I had my own bike for awhile too, rode it around the house, (literally) in the yard, never could get up the nerve to ride in traffic. I even took the motorcycle class and got my liscense, still could not do it. I sold it. I LIKE riding behind Steve, I can look around and enjoy the scenery, and relax.

Shogun said...

Wait a minute, you were still sick and handing out food samples!?!?!?

I love these small town events. They are priceless. Lots of places are discontinuing them.

Shogun said...

Awww I was just teasing!! You have to live on the edge at the fair.

Sherry said...

LOL (I responded on Shogun's blog...)

I used lots and lots of hand sanitizer! Sneezing was the day before...coughing started later that day.

Glo said...

Hi Sherry sorry to here your not feeling well , either am I , must be going around. Hope you WE feel better soon.

Congrats on the Ribbons, I personally give you first place on all three items!

Well I suppose I should get off this computer and do a bit of house work and get my sick butt in the shower.

Chicken soup and rest!