Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Surgery Set

Misted, drizzled, mizzled...on us all day yesterday. Mama and I headed out for Tyler about 7:30 a.m. yesterday. Got to the clinic early and they started her pre-op just about when we got there. Unfortunately she had just enough time to go to the restroom. THEN when they needed her to tinkle in a cup...she couldn't. We were there two hours before she finally squeezed out 1/4". LOL When you need to go...you gotta go NOW. When someone else wants you to go...you can't even if they're holding a gun on you.

Well....if someone held a gun on me I think I'd pee all over myself anyway. ;o)

Up to the doctor's office to fill out the consent papers and be told that Longview had not sent the cd with the Cat Scan on it...yet! From early September. So...we traipsed over to Longview to Good Shepherd and picked up the cd. I'll overnight it to Tyler today.

I didn't do anything after I got home except sit. What did I do for supper? Uh...I remember sitting down to eat...at my very own favorite table...in my house. Sheesh! Must not've been able to taste it cause I certainly can't remember. OH! Hot dogs.

Actually, the sniffer and taster are slowly coming back. Mama and I ate at On the Border yesterday. With the wet cool weather, I thought tortilla soup would be good. Mediocre. But Mama thought so too so it wasn't just my inability to taste. Meanwhile Sam at ate Don Juan's in Hughes Springs. (They have good Mexican food!) So...I figured I could get away with hot dogs last night since he'd had a good lunch. If not...he could've gone back to town. ;o)

Even though I haven't started cutting out the quilt, I did finish a knitted top and have already started another pair of socks. I'll eventually drag the camera out to take a photo of the top...one of these days so don't hold your breath.

Pouring down rain today! But a bit warmer. This has been our cycle for a while now...cool...wet...warm...dry...cool...wet...warm...dry...etc.


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Shogun said...

I'll be thinking of your mama during and following surgery.