Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mama Update

I meant to include this in my last post but with company in the house, just couldn't take that much time away...especially since I kept having trouble uploading one particular photo.

Mama's doing pretty good. She's had good days where I think she was up too much doing too much which would make the next day be not so good. When I visited last she actually sat for a while visiting talking about how good she had felt for the last couple of days. Her incision site never looked the least bit puffy. She never ran any temp. During pre-op, the nurse told us that the infection rate at their hospital was less than 1 percent. Shame they just do spines and joints! Other hospitals need to go to them to find out how to do it right! That along with the nurse/patient rate being 1 nurse to 2 patients...AND the nurse has a CNA assigned to in reality the CNA can be with one patient while the nurse is with the other...if there's an emergency of any in a patient being accused of killing a cowboy when he can clearly be seen 'over there.'

On the mend! Hallelujah! Her 6 week doctor's appointment is December 1.

She is doing better emotionally too. I haven't heard, "I can't believe I went through this and I'm no better" in several days.


tisme said...

I am so glad she is doing well Sherry, I am sure it is a relief to you to know she is healing.
God bless her!

Shogun said...

That's good news - glad to hear she is doing so well. How are her spirits?