Friday, December 4, 2009

No More Thermostat Wars!!

Hallelujah! But since this is Texas...this too shall pass. finally got cold enough to have the heater on. This hard and loud tile floor finally got too cold to stand on barefooted...even with houseshoes on. So I've unfolded the winter pajamas and stepped into them, slipped on a pair of Daddy's old socks before slipping into the houseshoes, and I am set. I like winter. We don't really have much, and as I mentioned above, it will probably be short-sleeve weather again in a few days. But for now. It's freezing outside baby! AND it has snowed in Houston again!! Only the fourth time in the last 15 years! Further evidence of global warming. LOL

I moved my plants in yesterday. In the past, I moved them into the dining room and just jumbled them in the floor behind the table. When the weather warmed, moved them back outside. Freezing weather again, the plants came in. This year I cleaned off the metal baker's rack that they live on out in the screenroom. Then moved it in where it blocks one-half of our French door...the door we never open. Plants will get indirect light and should be okay throughout the winter.

Speaking of plants...Isn't this a beautiful thing?! I am so proud of my Christmas cactus. I've owned several over the years and never got one to this point...this large...and blooming! The oldest part of the plant came from Sam's best friend's mother's plant. Okay...that's Ben's mother, Bernice. Sam and I were visiting her in Wadsworth Texas around the turn of the century - one side of it or the other, I forget. As we walked in, I handed her a part of her Christmas cactus that had broken off the mother plant outside. She told me that I could have it. Poor lonely thing...I purchased a small pot at Wal-Mart and planted them together. I can still pick out the older part and am glad of that. These blossoms are on that part... Bernice was a special lady.

Sam is still working on his shop building. He is going to do some work for me in my sewing room...but in the meantime, he's still practicing with the woodworking tools he is acquiring. Some are used...some are new. I helped him set this shelf up on the bench and prop it up so that he could attach it to the wall.

He's doing a really good job IMHO.

But he does make a dusty mess. ;o) I like his portable workbench. And under it is a collapsible router table.

I subbed today. One of the ninth grade kids reported that their teachers really raked them over the coals from my note last week. They were much better today. Besides...there were two of us. Both Ag teachers are gone with some of the kids to a competition of some sort. They left a movie for the classes to watch...both classes in one classroom. The other sub said one of the classes that I was scheduled to have just about made her quit...yep...freshmen. As soon as they walked in, I told them to either sit down or get back outside until the bell rang. Outside temperature was in the upper 30s. They WENT OUTSIDE!!! Guess they showed me LOL!! Bell rang, they filed in and sat at their desks. The other class had to bring in desks from their classroom. I immediately demanded quiet so that we could call roll. Someone talked. I stopped and got their attention again with an "I WILL call a principal!!" We got the rolls called, sent to the office, movie on, and had a fairly quiet class. ;o)

Tomorrow to the library for our first Breakfast With Rudolph. We invited kids from four elementary schools, a private school, two childcare, and one Head Start. Our football team will be playing a playoff game in Nacogdoches so we don't know how this will go. Let us pray...


Kar said...

You go Sherry! Lay down the law!

Love your Christmas cactus. So pretty! I really should go look for one for around here. Not sure I would keep it alive though.

Tell Sam nice job in his building! Let him know that there are some jobs in Idaho he could help with! :)

Mom said she got 2inches of snow at her house today near Houston. Darn scientists don't have a clue about what they are talking about.

Have a great weekend dear!

Thearica said...

I have a red Christmas Cactus! It has bloomed once and is resting right now..Cant wait to see the blooms again.

Yours is beautiful!

Holee said...

The cactus is just wonderful. I think I'd like to live in Texas where I could go to Cracker Barrel and buy cowboy stuff..but son is interviewing in New Mexico.

Hey, the entire inside of my house looks like Sam's workshop! I'm so sick of saw dust.

Now I want to know when you are making fudge..hmmm

Shogun said...

That cactus is so pretty.