Sunday, December 6, 2009

What I Want For Christmas

One box full of great quilt related items...and some not...has already been opened. I joined an unusual swap over on the HGTV board. I'm not much for swaps. I haven't joined in the SS - secret sister - swap. Mainly because it's a pick-out-a-gift-and-mail-it-once-a-month-swap. The swap I just participated in was for 20 things. We had categories to fill. We each answered a list of questions and included additional information about ourselves. All 20 items were wrapped and put in one box (if it all fit - I mailed two boxes) ...and mailed all at one time.

These are just some of the items in the boxes I sent.

This is sticky... This one shiny...I put a photo of me in the frame. LOL

Something for the kitchen... A Texas bluebonnet mug with Penzey's cocoa...

Santa Snowman

I forgot this category... Snowflakes

All 20 items wrapped with FQs and labeled... Packed and ready to go...

My gifts went to Grace in Akron Ohio. I picked several Texas items. The Apricot preserves were accompanied by a jar of plum jelly...both made at Blackburn Syrup in Jefferson Texas. The Texas mug was made at Marshall Pottery in Marshall Texas. I picked out cowboy Snowman and Santa as reminders of Texas.

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