Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Trip to Lowes

Perhaps I should say...yet another trip to Lowes. LOL Seems that for the last year we've made more trips to Lowes and The Home Depot (mostly Lowes) than even the grocery store. I KNOW that I've been in Lowes more than Hancock's and Hobby Lobby combined. Something is very, very wrong with THAT!

Finally! I have a rug for my living room. While Sam was checking out lumber and tools, I browsed through several other sections. Having purchased our home in 2004 and getting everything setup to suit me, home improvement doesn't do much for me. But...I've been wanting a rug for the living room since we moved here. I found this.

Doesn't it look like a quilt?! When I showed it to Sam...along with my other choices, he said something about the geometrics. He started looking at Oriental/Persian style rugs and asking, "What style is our house?" Hahahahaha My answer is always, "My style." That reply does not make him a happy man. But...I got MY rug! What's the old saying, "When Mama's happy, everybody's happy." And we all know the reverse of that statement!

While I was browsing, I passed one of the kiosks in the kitchen/bath area. Three - what do they call them now because they are no longer 'clerks,'??? - associates. Three associates were sitting around the desk. One asked, "Could we help you?" I kinda shrugged my shoulders and said, "Husband's shopping." As I walked away, I heard them quietly laughing. In my head I replayed what I'd said. Walked a few more steps. OH! I walked back to them:

"I don't know what you heard. But I am not 'husband shopping'! My husband'S shopping. I got one of them. I sure don't want another." I was right. They had missed the s on husband's. LOL After finding Sam and steering him towards the rugs, I passed the associates again. "I found one." And grinned. Sam looked like "what?" So I told him that I was husband shopping.

Don't know if I've mentioned it here, but I have definitely loudly voiced it many, many times over the last 5 1/2 years...tile floors are hard, cold, and loud. I do NOT like them! Whatever happened to the warmth of wood? Hmmm?

Another cookbook...

This was a dollar purchase at the Friends of the Daingerfield Public Library's annual book sale. I know the ladies who submitted recipes for this book back in 1984. Unfortunately, we no longer have a hospital. Shortly after that time, the less informed majority voted to create a hospital district. Our hospital (Hospital in the Pines) became legally associated (and encumbered) with another hospital in the county. Our hospital was solvent. The other was severely in debt. When bankruptcy was filed, can you say goodbye to both hospitals? What a shame!


elsie123 said...

Like your rug/carpet. That ought to warm up the area nicely. I like your chair too...did you happen to do the upholstery on it?

Penny said...

Oh, what a great post!! Hahahaha!