Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quilt in the Frame

I didn't think I'd ever get logged in tonight! Don't know what the problem was...

How do you like my book shelf?!
All straightened up and neat...until I start researching the next project... ;o) That's part of the fun of being a quilter...or a knitter...or any sort of crafter.

Okay, here's the quilt.
It's a Rose of Sharon variation inspired by "Rose Spray" in the book Great American Quilts 1997. Think I'll call it Sherry's Rose.Whaddya think?

The frame is a Hinterberg kit. I bought it shortly after Sam and I married. He bought the three lengths of conduit and the long board between the uprights. I needed some side tension so bought some spring plier-type clamps. Or the more technical term, "whaddyacallums." I also purchased some velcro-type stuff. Sewed wrong sides together. Then asked Sam to somehow put the two things together. He slipped one red rubber grip off each clamp, cut a slit in the end and slipped the velcro strap through, drilled a hole in that handle end and bolted the velcro strips to the handle, slipped the rubber grip back on...times six. Voila. Side tension.

I watched American Idol this evening so didn't get a chance to quilt, but I did try my rolling chair and rolled from one end of the frame to the other. I LOVE MY NEW FLOORS!

How DARE you bring it up. NO...every single thing is still not put up. YES...there's still stuff on the guest bed. I'll get it cleaned up before you get here. Sheesh!


karenfae said...

lovely quilt!! I thought that was a hinterburg frame but wasn't sure. My frame on the hand has no name :) but I sure do love it. Do you take a long time to quilt the quilt after you get it on the frame - mine seem to take forever because I keep working on other things. They eventually get done though!

Kar said...

Love the quilt! Very beautiful!

One day I will get my act together and re-do my craft room so it's more likable. I bet it's fun rolling around on that floor!

Gloria P. said...

I can't wait to see it done. I watch American Idol and worked on my wedding ring afghan, almost done, giving to a couple that Tom is working with here in Texas they are getting married this Friday.