Friday, February 26, 2010

Rainy Day But NOT Monday!!

It rained all day long. From the time I got up until the time I got home. It may still be raining now. Of course the heaviest was after I backed out of the garage and drove to school. Just poured down...then between the car and the building. I am so glad for that London Fog raincoat with a hood! I carry a purse and a bag filled with a book, my current knitting project, regular playing cards, Uno, Scrabble Slam, and a set of dominoes...think I've mentioned that before...just in case the teacher didn't leave any work...or not enough.

First period...had a student with an attitude at the very beginning of class. She didn't get any better. After a back and forth to the office, I sent her the second time. She is now in detention. Hopefully she won't try to convince me again that as a freshman she has an empty class slot, and that she's not who she really is. I sure wish that they would leave their attitudes at home!

Thanks for all the wonderful comments full of envy and jealousy. Yes, my friends, I can read between the lines! LOL I am having a blast with my new floor and chair. Tomorrow I plan on sorting through the last of the things on my guest bed and do a bit of quilting.

Sam said that he was going to do a cardboard mock-up that would represent the height and size of my requested cutting table to make certain that it was what I wanted. Silly man.

Another of my comments pertained to a post on Christmas Eve when I made gumbo.

I use Tony Chachere's wild shrimp caught off the coast of Louisiana. Cindy wrote:

Thanks for buying wild caught Louisiana shrimp!

Cindy Adams-Ardoin
Food Scientist
Tony Chachere's

Now, how neat is that?!


Ducky said...

Papa was always good at getting us to "read between the lines" wasn't he? :P

karenfae said...

what a difference a little bit of miles make - we had no rain and no snow, it was dry all day here in my part of Arkansas. When Sam makes your cutting table the main thing is to be happy with the height of the table! nothing it worse than having to bend when you are cutting. Mine is very comfortable and was actually supposed to be a kitchen island.