Tuesday, March 16, 2010

First Sign of Spring

Don't you just love Pepé Le Pew?!One of the first signs of Spring where I live is *** our illustrious but noxious furry neighbors *** skunks *** aka polecats *** come out of hibernation. Sam and I drove to Mt. Pleasant the other day to eat catfish at David Beard's Catfish King. Sam started counting the number of black with white stripes down the center of their back roadkill. SIXTEEN! I wonder if that is going to be any indication of the number of 'them' critters we are going to have to put up with. Skunks are well known for carrying rabies. ***shudder*** We'll have to be really observant for a while.

Sam planned to do some dirt work around the house today. I took my laptop to Longview to see about getting the 'optical' drive ***aka DVD/CD drive*** replaced. The drive died early December. Sam asked a few questions at a couple of computer repair places but never took the laptop in for repair. So, I did. Only to find more information than they told him...the laptop had to be sent off for 1 1/2 to 3 weeks. WHAT?! And the estimate was over $200, closer to $300. We're talking about a laptop here. So, after a phone call to brother-in-law Elton, I brought it home with me. I'll do without the drive before spending that kind of money...and keep my eyes out for a sale on laptops.

I bought a new pair of athletic shoes at Academy...not that I'll be doing anything athletic. ;o) Then ate a Dudley's...Cajun...and had a delicious crawfish pie. OH MY! Crawfish and cheese and other good stuff in a folded over pastry sheet and fried...served with dirty rice (but not typical dirty rice cooked with innards, but made with real meat). Sooo good!

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Ducky said...

Instead of wasting the money on fixing the optical drive or on a new laptop if that one is still in good shape, go get an external.