Friday, March 19, 2010

Still Talking 'Bout My Blue Nickel Blog Win

You will NOT believe this! Scott put several silly little things in with my winnings. I noticed that I placed them off to one side and didn't take a photo of them because they were non-quilt or fabric related. Little wooden candy canes, two or three trading cards, a couple of playing cards. I thought his children helped but I think it was Scott.

In my high school subbing duties, I found out very quickly that not all of the teachers leave work. And many don't leave enough work to keep the students busy for the entire period. ...cross eyes here... So, I have a tote bag and carry playing cards, Uno, dominoes, Scrabble Slam, etc. (As well as the current book I'm reading or the pair of socks I'm knitting.) I picked up a deck of cards the other day and couldn't win at Solitaire. After counting the cards I found that I was one short. The 8 of Clubs. (I won't mention the cards that were torn or even had one corner ripped off.) I'm not about to buy another deck this year.

Would you believe it?! One of the cards Scott sent was the 8 of Clubs...a replacement for the missing card! He did NOT know!!Think the kids will notice? I don't really think that they will mind. The double 4 in the domino set is taped together with white tape. ;o)

I made these this week for an upcoming cruise. I already have my set from the 2008 Alaskan cruise Sam and I took. Three friends and I are going to Cozumel in April. We are sharing ONE room. LOL IF we are still speaking when we get back, we'll plan the next trip... Sam is working on my cutting table. Don't you just love it? LOL Actually, this is the mock-up. After the new floor and reconfiguration of my sewing desk, we realized that the original measurements wouldn't work. So Sam reduced the size. And, we did discuss it. I didn't realize that my cutting mat would not fit the top. He's going back to the drawing board to make the top the same size as the mat. We also discussed the height of the table. I took some stuff up to his shop and laid out the mat and some fabric on his workbench. We've lower the height of my cutting table too. The original was going to be about 2-3 inches too tall for me.

Yesterday he came into my sewing room and said, "Close your eyes and hold out your hand." I guessed what it was before opening my eyes. He said he just picked up a small piece of wood and did this freehand with his oscillating belt sander and the Dremel set I gave him for Christmas. It's my new salt spoon.

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