Saturday, April 3, 2010

Right Hand Doesn't Know...

...what the left hand is doing. Or in other words...

Men generally complain about women using their tools all using a screwdriver for a chisel...hitting it with a hammer to pry on something. Of course EVERYONE knows that women never put tools back in the man cave where the man of the cave had that one specific place reserved for that one specific tool.

Let me talk to you now about the illusive water hose. A couple of months ago, I needed a water hose at the front of the house. Before this winter, the water hoses for use around the house were stored in the garage. This year, some went to the new metal building...the remainder to the well house. (I was not the person who moved the house hoses to the buildings...You-know-who did it.) I purchased two new hoses last year because two old cheap hoses cracked and broke. Even though the two discarded hoses were used around the house, one of the new hoses has wound up (literally wound up on a hanger) in the new metal building. You-know-who has laid claim to it.

Back to the story...a couple of months ago, I rounded up the second new water hose and brought it back down to the house. I unhooked the styrofoam faucet cover and watered a few plants, washed off the porch, filled the bird bath. Because it was still winter, I knew that another freeze would eventually head our way, I drained the hose, screwed the ends together and coiled it in the corner of the garage. Put the faucet cover back on. Deed done.

Today is a BEAUTIFUL day! I needed to mix up some broadleaf weed killer. Got my sprayer, the poison, a measuring cup...set everything out on the apron in front of the garage. Walked back into the garage for the hose. Hmmm. Not where I thought I put it. Must've put it at the back of the garage. Hmmm. Not there either. I didn't even need an AH-HA moment. I KNOW where it went.

So, being the lazy person that I am, I just filled the sprayer straight out of the faucet.

After supper, delicious if I do say so myself!, I took the scraps up to the compost. Opened the well house door...and there's the missing hose. Sam was still sitting at the dining table and saw me peek into the well house. He asked what I was looking for. I told him the missing hose.

Oh...he replied...I cleaned out the garage.

I noticed. I put the hose in there for a reason.


Doesn't matter when.

Must've been before I cleaned out the garage.

I didn't say it. I promise I didn't say it. Out loud. ;o)

Chicken thighs seasoned and baked until the skin was oh so crispy!
Roasted asparagus
Molten chocolate cakes

Didn't think to take photos. I have another batch of asparagus that was only 99 cents a pound! So will cook some more tomorrow most likely and take a photo then. I'll post the recipe too. In the meantime, in addition to the asparagus, you need some onion, mushrooms, green onions, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Kar, The bush with the red flowers a few posts down...that is a Camellia...not a rose. But I love it specifically for that very reason. Unfortunately, it doesn't have a perfume.

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