Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sigh...School Detention

Yep. I got sent to lunch detention Tuesday. Today...the principal called me into his office. I've been a baaaaad girl.

While subbing on Tuesday, the assistant principal called that teacher's classroom for the 'real' teacher. I let him know that she was gone. Within 15 minutes, he walked into the classroom smiling and handed me a list of names. Since that teacher had lunch then a conference period, she was in charge of the 30 minute lunch detention (for habitually tardy students) for that day. So...I got to fill in for her. A teacher's conference period is an off-period for the subs. At first I thought RATS! Big time! It turned out to be the quietest 30 minutes of the day! I would gladly do it again. (If the kids aren't quiet, they have to repeat the detention. LOL That 30 minutes really cuts into their socializing time.)

Today as I got my assignment, the school secretary let me know that yesterday's sub went home crying! Before the end of the day!! One of the classes really did a number on her...and she didn't press the button for a principal...haven't figured why she didn't. However, because of block scheduling...not all of today's classes were the same as yesterday's. I assured the secretary that I would read today's classes the riot act.

As I was walking down the hall, the principal's office door opened. He and the assistant principal stepped out, and he asked the secretary a question. I heard my name. Turned and looked. I was 'invited' into the principal's office.
Sent to lunch detention on Tuesday and the principal's office on Thursday. What's next?! ISS?? (In School Suspension) I better start acting better. ;o) The principal just reinforced what the secretary told me.

Wednesday was a terribly long day. Earlene picked me up at 6 a.m. We drove to Garland...2 hours and 45 minutes thanks to the traffic over Lake Ray Hubbard. The public library is getting a new computer program. Training was set up and Earlene asked me to go with her. You know. Two not knowing what to do are better than one not knowing what to do. ;o( The all day long class was good...even though there was virtually no snacks...I NEVER! My only complaint...we had no handouts. So when we get on the computer to go to the available website to practice, we have nothing to look at to assure that we are at the correct screen.

I don't remember what time we got back...about 7 p.m. I think. I was in bed at 9 and slept all night long...

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