Saturday, May 1, 2010

More Goodies!

A quilting friend told me about a quilter she knew who was going to radically downsize her quilting supplies. Sam and I got up this morning and headed that way. It was mind boggling! I need to go back again. I bought the buttons for crazy quilting. $2.50 for all of these. A few close up... Then, of course, a bit of fabric. Those two pieces in the top left...I am so surprised at myself for purchasing those. Each piece is 3-4 yards. I picked it up...put it down. And as you can see, finally came home with it. There's also some Orientals, a few Christmas pieces, a couple of batiks, the handkerchief piece and a couple of panels. Here's the McKenna Ryan patterns I won on I Have a Notion blog. See the autograph at the top left?! ;o) And, I won ANOTHER giveaway! I am amazed. I need to run out and purchase a lottery ticket! LOL Karen at Quilts, Etc. hosted a giveaway. I won! Be back later. The lottery ticket is calling my name...

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karenfae said...

Glad I could help you out on your streak for winning - package will be in the mail shortly.