Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alfred Hitchcock...The Birds

Do you remember the movie? Rod Taylor and Tippi Hedren... Just about scared me outta my wits...what few I had as a kid. LOL It's one of those far-fetched movies but still kept me riveted to my seat. Still, whenever I see a large flock of birds or murder of crows (appropriate for a bunch of crows after seeing the movie don'tcha think?) I still think of Hitchcock's The Birds.

Sam and I have our own version. Ours is called The Alarm Clock. Sam calls it something else, but his term is really not suitable for print.

We purchased our home in 2004. Early one 2005 spring morning we were awakened shortly after daybreak with someone or some thing hitting a window. Constantly hitting a window. Constantly. Get my drift? Daybreak! NOISE! At DAYBREAK?! We are still in bed!!! Our persistent visitor was a Tanager. He kept fighting his reflection in my sewing room window. She kept vigil in the redbud tree watching her suitor fight...wondering who would win her lovely hand...I mean wing. Next spring...the same thing. We learned to shut doors before going to bed. Last spring. Nada. No uninvited guests. No early morning wake up calls.

Guess what? Theeeeyyyy're baaaaaack!

This time, she is the aggressor. While he watches from not too afar. Both in this photo. Juliette's on the left fighting at the window...look to the right in the tree for Romeo. Gotta hand it to her...she's persistent.'s hard trying to fight off that hussy. (These were all taken through the window so photo quality isn't that great.)


Florida Farm Girl said...

Sherry, we saw that same thing last year in Iowa with a cardinal. He attacked every piece of chrome (think wheels, bumpers, etc.) he could find, and some mirrors on vehicles, too. Went on for days!!!!! You'd think they'd figure it out pretty quick, But.....
You are so lucky to even have the tangers, though!!! Do they stay year round or just passing through? I'm jealous!!!

JessicaSews said...

They are kinda pretty though, huh?!

We have a swarm of lake flies! Never encountered them before.
What pests!
Maybe your birds would like to eat our lake flies?!!