Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bunches of E-mails!!

You would not believe how many e-mails come in at the new job. Literally scads of them!! YES! "Scads" is a specific number...please do not doubt me...I am OFFICE MANAGER, you know. Woooo...did you hear the echo??

So...what do I do with all of these incoming e-mails? They pertain to webinars (web based seminars - eyeroll), meetings pertaining to area/regional Chamber of Commerces, Better Business Bureau bulletins, Texas Forestry whatever it was, etc. So...I've read these things for five weeks now. Hmmm...that one looks good, forward it. Nah...that one doesn't pertain to our corner of the world...delete. Hmmm...that topic looks interesting...forward. IRS messing with things again...forward...after all, the majority of the people are in business...and who wants to run a-muck of the IRS?!

Finally had a thought...I know...they are few and far between. With the next forwarded webinar information, at the top I asked, "Do y'all" (remember I'm in Texas and not only do we talk like that, we type like that too)..."Do y'all want me to continue to forward this type information?"

I had five or six answers. Count 'em. Yep...five or six or so. Only one person really wasn't interested because he got so much stuff at his office anyway. One "nay"...four or five "ayes." So, the ayes have it. Now off the top of my head, I don't remember how many members are with the Chamber of Commerce, but I can guarantee you that it is more than the five or six replies that I received. Still...majority rules.

Today...after the third forwarded FYI e-mail...I receive an e-mail from the president. NO! Not Obama!!! I could make a few more comments on that subject but I'll let it pass today...

So...the prez e-mails me and advises me that he has received several phone calls wanting to know why I'm forwarding these informational e-mails and please don't. Okaaaay. Ummm...and why did those so quick to jerk out their telephone not simply respond to my e-mail asking, "Do you"...excuse me..."Do y'all want me to continue...etc..." And tell me NO!!

He, the prez, did not know about the volume of that sort of stuff that came through the e-mail and was surprised. I replied back that today had been a slow day and generally the office received more than three...

I still can't figure out why instead of calling him and bugging him, they couldn't just reply to my query??!! eyeroll

Other than that...and the office is small...and the job is rather sedentary...I am really, really liking the job!

Tomorrow afternoon I'm going to the gym/exercise place/whatever it is to see about a membership or exercise classes or treadmill or whatever as long as there's an air conditioner. I've been leaving the house early every morning, going to the office and turning the thermostat down. Then I take a walk through town. Back to the office and change shoes. Fifteen minutes is all that I can is already...still...some more...too hot to walk long and go back to the office sweating. Fifteen minutes is about a mile. But believe me, not enough exercise for the job that I have. the gym to see about a membership. I wish we had an air conditioned mall to walk in... Sigh...gym. Shudder!


Ducky said...

Speaking of other peoples' Presidents... Is he just trying to fire anyone that doesn't see eye to eye with "his" way of thinking? I thought the point of a bipartisan government was so we WOULDN'T turn into a socialist state... Oh well, I'm all for the sovereign State of Texas seceding if things get any more "red on the inside"

Florida Farm Girl said...

Water aerobics, girl, in that pool of yours!!! You get exercise and stay decently cool at the same time!! It's hard to work up a sweat in there, but it can be done!