Thursday, June 24, 2010

Starting Next Week

I checked in at the gym and will be starting on Monday. $30 a month. Exercise equipment, weight room, tanning beds that I won't be using. is air conditioned. Yeah. After a few months I could've purchased a piece of exercise equipment. Been there done that. Losing baby fat after Jonathan was born, I purchased an exercise bike at a garage sale. I lost quite a bit of weight with it and stayed trim and slim. It eventually wore out, so I purchased another garage sale exercise bike. Never liked it as well as the first one and eventually put it on the curb in Lake Jackson. Besides...I don't have the space for exercise equipment.

Florida Farm Girl left a comment to do water aerobics in my sweating...stay cool. Welllll....I know some people who do/did water aerobics. Don't think they've ever lost any weight with it. I worked diligently for the first year that we moved here...didn't lose any weight. It will be a good addition to an exercise program, but I need something more than that right now.

Now to go through the closet to find something to exercise in. I don't think those three former DHS students -I met while subbing- that I saw at the gym today want to see me in form fitting exercise clothes. It would damage them for life!

Okay. I've made the decision. I'm not revealing how much I weigh...but I will share as I drop pounds.


bingo~bonnie said...

Good for you KYIS! A place with air conditioning is a must! and everyday I look in the mirror I get a sick feeling lately. I've really let myself go since having the twins 3 years ago.... I'm hoping that this fall when they go to Preschool 2 mornings a week I can get on a plan like you are... we have a Curves here and I've visited once with a friend - but never joined b/c they don't offer child care and I had no one to keep my kids...

Love from Orange,

Florida Farm Girl said...

Yeah, you have to work really hard at water aerobics, but it is very good for you and would be a good supplement to your walking. I'm just going back after more than a year hiatus myself. No excuses, the pool is open year round and covered and heated in the winter. Go figure. Anyway, good luck yourself and wish me some too!!!