Sunday, August 22, 2010

EventFUL Weekend

Had a great time at a quilt retreat in Tomball Texas. We ate really, really good food! We furnished our own food and drinks. Don't you think THAT was a GREAT idea?!We furnished our own projects. Shared tips, hints, and how-tos.

I think this is Susan's/~~TX~~Wildflower...Got to bed at horribly late times...or early depending on whether you consider it "last night" or "this morning." ;o) This is Carol/Needlecrazy's...Worked up a tutorial on a sewing implement caddy (the red/white caddy was given to me last year by Wenonah/Jackie). The base is a photo frame. Mine is one of those acrylic frames. The Friday shoppers found five similar frames but they were metal. A tutorial has been worked up. Once it has been edited and perfected, it will be shared (with Wenonah's blessings). WillQuiltForChocolate/Jill made the Jack-O-Lantern caddy. We took loads of photos for the tutorial.Then...the tree limb broke Saturday evening. And fell...30-40 feet...see that naked limb sticking almost straight up on the left side near the top center of the photo? The limb was just below that. The leaves are green...not dead! Quite a bit of damage. To MY 4-Runner!! I'm insured...the tree owner is insured. No traffic accident. No one injured. No livestock killed. (I hit a bull in the middle of the highway one dark night in 1995 so had to put in that disclaimer.)Margarita time! Quilters autographing my car. "What happens at the cabin, stays at the cabin." "Quilter aboard." "Quilters use duct tape too." "P.S. The light does not work." LOLHere we are. From Wisconsin, Alabama, and Texas. (The lone man is Tom Russell. A quilt artist who shared his newest projects with us Saturday evening.)

The trip home was almost uneventful. The car handled just fine. I was on interstate only 10 or so miles. State highways the rest of the time. With no left brake/signal light (BUT the brake light bar on the 'spoiler' over the rear window...what was once the rear window...did work), I was very careful about lane changes and left hand turns...remembering the old-timey hand signals that I learned when I started driving a 1951 Chevy 2-door coupe when I was 16 years old. I'd roll the window down and stick my arm out to signal left hand turns and lane changes. Of course, the younger drivers had no idea what I was doing!!

Coming into Henderson from the south, a little black car with a light bar on top pulled right up to my bumper. I had my fingertips on the turn signal lever to start the right hand pullover. As 259 merged with the Jacksonville highway, I made my turn and stayed in the right-hand lane. A car coming from Jacksonville whipped right behind me...and in front of the trooper. He/she crossed a thick solid white line...which is illegal in Texas. (Well, sorta illegal: )

I saw the bubble gum lights come on and watched as the little white car pulled off the road. With the trooper right behind it! YES!!!

I think that the trooper probably pulled so close to my bumper so that he could read the inscriptions written on the plastic!


Florida Farm Girl said...

Looks like y'all had a wonderful time. Yes, I'm jealous!!! Hope you get the car fixed soon.

bingo~bonnie said...

so happy to hear that both of you have insurance to cover the damages. LisaTX called and told me all about the fun I missed out on this weekend... but I had a different kind of fun with THE Bonnie Hunter at our guild here. :)

I sure hope that you all do another little retreat again next year or so... as it sounded like you all got a lot more accomplished than I did and had a ton of fun together.

I can't wait till COF in NC in 2011! :)

Love from Orange,

Cherry said...

Wow, I'd come just for that amazing CAKE !!

Kar said...

First, the cake looks amazing. I would have been all over that. Looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun with all that quilting going on.

But the tree! WoW!!! I would have had a cow. At least you were not in it and you are okay.

Hope you have a less eventful week. :)

Dee said...

That cake looks scrumptious! And it sounds like you had a wonderful time - despite the accident. I'm also lookin!