Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly Report

The last two times Jonathan has visited, he's been eyeballing the small covered crocks on the top of my wall cabinets. He wants one for his sourdough starter. I have nine-feet tall ceilings and a space above the cabinets. I REFUSED to cover the top of the wall cabinets with silk leaves and flowers or even baskets. Everything up there can be taken down and washed. And everything really, really needs to be taken down and washed...but that's for another day. ;o)

I found this at an antique/junk store in Longview.
I think it's perfect! No one has to climb a ladder and then stand on my countertop either. What say ye, Jonathan?Guess what I did yesterday? Yep! LOL Got the car washed. After the gym, I watered some trees. I've got a crepe myrtle that's really heat distressed. I carried two buckets down to that tree three times...about 10-15 gallons. Then, I gathered pears. I felt something crawling on my left shin. I looked down. A RED WASP was crawling up my leg. ARRRGGGGHHHHH! What to do?! This is the second time a wasp has landed on me! First time was in a restaurant. Sam thumped it off my shoulder then stomped it.

This time? What to do? Nearly frozen, I looked around. Saaaammmmm. Where are you? Hmmm...In the shop. In my left hand, I held a bag filled with pears? Nope. A broken twig on the pear tree? Hmmm? I broke the end off the twig, took a deep breath, swiped the wasp off my shin. It landed on the ground. Hallelujah! I ground the wasp into the ground. And felt not one bit of remorse!


Kar said...

Sorry but I'm laughing about the wasp thing. It made me think about what Brenna would do if she noticed something like that on her. All I could picture was her reacting like on of those fainting goats. Could you imagine that. I'm sure I wouldn't have looked any more refined while squealing the whole time. :)

Flowers said...

Beautiful.... the pictures and words were a joy to see and read... :O)