Wednesday, August 11, 2010

No Surgery Required!

Yippee! The October surgery finally healed correctly. The surgeon is turning Mama over to a pain management specialist in his clinic... (Texas Spine & Joint Hospital in Tyler) ... There's just going to be a certain amount of pain because...her back is older than her. Dr. Danielson compares her to a classic car. ;o) On the last visit back in May (, he looked at me and said, "Your mother is one tough lady."

If you remember, back then, I asked you to pray for a miracle. Thank you!

It was however, a looooooong day!

Monday I walked the three blocks from the office to the post office. I always do my walking errands in 'downtown' between 10:30 and 11:00 a.m. That's when the food has been prepared at Blessings, the senior diner. It's prepared that early to be packaged and sent on its way for Meals on Wheels. Mama wants to get there while the food is hot and not held over an hour. So...I check for her car and if it's there, stop in for my hug. Monday, we made arrangements for Tuesday. I thought the x-ray appointment was 1:30 and the doctor's appointment at 2:30. She said that the appointments were 12:30 and 1:30.

Tuesday morning (after the gym and shower) I was at her house about 9:45. On the way to Tyler, she opened the appointment reminder letter. Guess what. We were going to be an hour early. ;o( I was correct. Once we got to Tyler, we found a restaurant at 11:30 and had a leisurely lunch at Cafe Ole. When we finished the fajitas that we shared, the waitress brought us over complimentary sherbets! So we lingered longer. Still got to the x-ray appointment early...but they got her in pretty quickly.

The doctor's appointment was another matter entirely. The nurse finally called her name at 5:30!!! If he wasn't such a great doctor/surgeon...AND caring!!! ... When he came into the examination room and apologized...I asked him if Mama was his last appointment. He said no, and he still had to go see his patients in the hospital section. (Great place to be!! Doctors' offices and hospital in the same building!) I told him that if she had been the last appointment that he would have to take us to dinner! LOL He looked a bit shocked for a moment then smiled and said that he'd have to take a van for all of us! LOL

We stopped at the Dairy Queen in Gilmer for a light snack. I finally got home about 8:15. Only 45 minutes shy of being gone for 12 hours!!!

Mama called just a few minutes ago. Her appointment with the pain management doctor is September 3. She said she slept fine and didn't feel any worse after yesterday's sitting and waiting and riding in the car!


Penny said...

Outstanding, Sherry!! I know that is a load off your mind!

Kar said...

Glad to hear about the good news with your Mom. Let's hope for smooth sailing for her now. :) At least you got lunch and dinner with your Mom. :)

Gloria P. said...

Wonderful! I am so glad to hear tha Mama doesn't need surgery! A long day but you got to spend it together and that's what counts......the DQ sounded yummy.....wish I could have one......lactose intolerant :0(

Florida Farm Girl said...

So glad Mama doesn't have to go through that again!!! Let's hope the pain specialists can come up with something to improve her quality of life.