Saturday, October 23, 2010

No Title

Can't think of anything to title this with...

Jonathan has informed me that he has not received the scrubs I mailed him. BUT he did receive some mail initially received here. I put it in another envelope and mailed it to him Wednesday or Thursday...he got it. But not the scrubs from 8 days ago. Perhaps today. I have a serious thought that my niece in Crowley somehow commandeered them. She's a relatively new phlebotomist...can't spell that so let's call her a "medical vampire"... and in need of scrubs. When I accused her, she readily admitted it and asked me if I would alter them because they are too wide across the shoulders.

I'm still driving the bubba truck. Made the mistake of calling it that in Sam's presence, and he was offended. OKAY! It's not a jacked-up truck with oversize wheels and tires that requires a step ladder or a good shove on the butt to get into it. It IS a Ford F-250...3/4 ton...diesel...extended cab...short bed. You HAVE to use the pipe step to just jumping in. And on the way out. LOL You should hear my short-stuff friend Nancy. "Oops. I forget how high that is." ...on her way out.

I've got to decide whether to buy a brand new 2010 and make payments for the rest of my life or get something a couple of years older with more miles...and come pretty close to paying the same thing. It's almost a no brainer if I stick with the Yukon/Tahoe WANT. I think I could go cheaper...but not have what I want. I figure that one of these days I will be there...and have no choice but the best I can afford...which may well be the cheapest out there. Shudder...can you see me owning a Ford Focus because that's all I can afford? sniff I think I need to go have a good cry... Waaaaa! Why oh why did I park under that tree?

I'm finally back in the gym. The job just got too busy for a while there. Besides, I was getting plenty of exercise and lost a couple of pounds from working all day long, then drinking a tall cold glass of ice tea and eating an apple for supper several nights in a row. Just too tired to care. I know that I've lost a total of 14 pounds and maybe 15! :o)

This morning on the way to the gym I nearly turned around to retrieve my camera. But I didn't. So close your eyes and imagine this:
Clouds filled the eastern sky. The sun rays shown above the clouds and through the holes in the clouds looking like the crown on a king. Very much what I can imagine the way Christ will return some morning. Awesome!

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