Thursday, October 21, 2010


This is FUNNY stuff! A business owner was in a bit ago. There's been some sidewalk controversy, and she said that her opinion was being misrepresented (and she is correct...I know that her differences were with the initial plans...not the initial idea). She stated that some people think she's a witch.

I popped right out with, "Well. Live up to it!"

She laughed...or should I say...She cackled?! And jumped. our age...almost pee'd on herself.

Then... She told off on herself. Last Saturday, she did her banking that morning at the drive-through. When she left her business, she put her money in white envelopes into her purse. At the window, she pulled them out and put them in the drawer. One of the ladies smiled and said, "You may want this one back." When she got it back...she looked. It was full of pantie liners!

Young ladies and most just wouldn't understand. The rest of you ladies...when you pick yourself up off the sure to dust yourself off. ;o)

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Dee said...

I almost died of embarrassment when I was a teenager and my mom pulled out a panty liner to wipe off the car window. The window was all fogged up and she said that was all she had. My sister and brother were in the car with me. As a teenager that stuff bothers you, but when you get older you can just chuckle about it.