Saturday, February 12, 2011

Austin Highlights

No interesting photos. So sorry. I thought I would get a photo of the building where the training took place. Brick was an ugly pink, but the top floor had some gorgeous arched windows. Problem was...the weather was just so blasted cold!

So...first photo is of hairspray and cologne??
What's with this? Monday night I set the alarm on the hotel furnished alarm clock. Everything looked right. My first night out, I never sleep very well at all. I read. Turned out the light. Turned over. Turned the light on. Read. Repeat. Sometime over in the wee hours of the morning I went to sleep. I woke and checked the clock. The clock with the alarm set for 6:30. The red LED readout stated: 7:19. WHAT?! I jumped up, ran around the bed and grabbed the clock. The time was set 12 hours off!!! I had the alarm set for 6:30 in the morning...but the stupid clock was set on PM. Thank goodness I had showered the night before. I ran to the bathroom and did the makeup. Back to the bedroom and got dressed. Back to the bathroom, ran a brush through my hair and sprayed it...with the prettiest smelling hair spray I'd ever...I looked in the mirror and I had a yellow can in my hand.

I smelled like one of those little old ladies that when they walk past you in church loaded down with the L'Air De Temps it about knocks your head off. (Glad my deodorant was a stick...don't know what the hairspray would've done under the arms...)

I know...I haven't learned not to park beside/under trees.
But I pretty well figured out that this one would be safe.

Tuesday night I really regretted not getting a dessert to take back to my room. I took care of that Wednesday. It was huge! I ate half Wednesday night and had the rest for breakfast. LOL
Yes, breakfast. I still went down and got some milk and an apple to finish up.

Got my bags packed and in the Tahoe...then went to the last morning session of training. Received my certificate...was dismissed...headed north. I found a H.E.B. at the interstate exit for Pflugerville. They had ChocoVine!
I was so excited!!! I thought I better get two bottles. And if two bottles were good, then THREE was BETTER! This may become habit forming... :-)


Kar said...

You are just too funny Sherry. The people at HEB were probably wondering what kind of party you were going to. :)

katie said...

I found the chocovine in the city when I went up to house sit for my daughter.
My girlfriend who when with me liked it as did I. We of course left the husbands at home, so we gave them a good teasing about being out of town with a bottle of wine. I saw they also had raspberry.
Thanks for the heads up.