Tuesday, February 8, 2011

This is Austin

I haven't even taken any photos! Of course the only thing outside my window is another big hotel and Interstate 35.

I'm here on job training with the State. This is my first solo trip to Austin. Wish I knew more about what's here. I did find out that there's a HEB south of the hotel. I need to go there for some ChocoVine. From Holland. Red wine with chocolate in it. Had some at the quilt retreat in Houston (where the 4-Runner got smashed by the tree limb).

Training has been boring, interesting, and a learning experience...all three. Tomorrow evening a couple/three of us are going to Pappadeaux to eat. Don't know what else we'll do, but it will be pretty tame...I'm not parking under any trees. :-)


Kar said...

It's been quite a while since I have been to Austin. I'm not sure if I would remember my way around. Have fun eating at Pappadeux's. It's awesome! I love all the restaurants that are in that chain. YUMMY!!!

Holee said...

I got the wine at Walgreens last week. Have fun and watch out for the tree's!

Sherry said...

I am stuffed! I got Mahi LaFourche. Everything was good except ... have you ever eaten nearly raw Brussels sprouts? From the description I thought they would be cooked the way I cook them...garlic and bacon. Only...they just kinda tossed them in the saute pan and poured them on the plate. Raw. I ate one. Whew! It was strong stuff.

Bea...You think you're so funny. I though about that when I parked at the hotel...I looked at the sapling twice...and started to move! LOL

Another lady and I went to eat and them hit a couple of stores...in the direction I'll be taking out tomorrow. I saw a Walgreen's and a H.E.B. that direction...so I'll be stopping.

Oh, 19 degrees in the morning.