Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Friends of the Library Catering Event

We catered another meeting for the local Business & Professional Women. I did a dessert this time.

Cherries with water and sugar cooking on the stove top.
Pie pastry chilled in the refrigerator then rolled with my new rolling pin......that my dear husband made for me! (I gave him the burning element for Christmas.) Biscuit size circles cut out...pricked a couple of times with a fork...brushed on some milk and sprinkled on some coarse sugar crystals...and baked.Warmed filling was ladled into teacups and topped with a pastry circle. Someone else made the peach cobblers. We called them Peach Teacup Cobbler and Cherry Teacup Cobbler.

They received rave reviews! In other words, I had nothing left to bring home except a few pastry 'biscuits'.