Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seeing Stars

I was trying to find this quilt on my blog to show Da Judge. Couldn't find it. So here it is! I made this for Brook (step-daughter) before she got married four years ago. She likes to celebrate her Scottish heritage so I found and adapted this design for the black borders...machine quilted in a yellow-orange variegated yarn. See the stars in the yellow border?This was my first venture with batiks. Honestly, this quilt was so out of my comfort zone! Nothing that I would make for myself, but it think it fit Brook perfectly! Staying with the star theme, I researched constellations on the internet and picked the perfect patterns for the black areas. Casseopia (the Queen) for Brook...the other side has Cephus (the King). ;-) Perfect for a wedding gift dontcha think?! The next year for Christmas I pulled out the leftover batiks and came up with this... The batik circles remind me so much of aggie (agate) marbles. I named this "Don't Lose Your Marbles." The pieced back. Brook's husband, Cody, asked me if I had any more of that fabric left. LOL Turns out that I did! Recently Brook made a request...she wanted to "commission" me to make some arm covers for her leather sofa (one of the dogs had way too much fun while left unattended in the house. I had to purchase a base fabric, but then sprinkled more circles over the batiked peace symbols...quilted them down...and made the arm covers for the sofa. (NO! I didn't charge her...I gave them to her.) I don't have any photos because they wouldn't fit my sofa. That project just about wiped out my batik collection...

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