Sunday, April 3, 2011

Men In Kilts

We went to the Tartan Festival in Minden Louisiana again this year. My friend Nancy wants to know what they wear under the kilts. I kept watching this particular kilt wearer but never could catch him bending over. Sigh. Nancy, I tried. Thought about tripping him but I think Sam realized what I was thinking and gave me "the look." Kilts weren't the only dress of the day. Look at this dapper gentleman. This guy evidently doesn't like walking. Then...there's the music... ...And sheep dogs rounding up the Scottish Highland Cattle. They were "over yonder." My little camera did a pretty good job of zooming in on them, but the clarity suffered. I think this is a Norwegian Fjord horse. You could ride for $2, but you were led around, not turned loose on the I passed. The Irish dancers from Mississippi performed again this year. He is doing the "plank" in walking the plank.Last year I ate Shepherd's Pie. Sam ate Haggis. (Gag me with a spoon! But it's not the idea of cooking it in a sheep's stomach...that's just a vessel for cooking. It's the garbage that is put in the stomach that gags me - liver, heart, lungs. No wonder they season disguise the taste of the innards!) This year we had coo burgers. That is - Highland Cattle burgers. Highland beef is leaner. The burgers would've been really good if:
1. They were fully cooked - not rare.
2. The meat was hot - not stacked in a foil pan covered with foil and allowed to cool.
3. Hamburger buns had been toasted - just wave 'em over the grills please!
4. The meat had been seasoned before cooking. Bland, bland, bland!

So, next year I already know what I'm getting. Meat pasties, Scotch eggs, and taddies. My mouth is watering already! So much so that I've already got the butter coming to room temperature. I'm baking shortbread in a few minutes! Photos to follow!


Florida Farm Girl said...

Sounds like you guys had a good day. Next year, you'll just have to be a little more "discreet" about the looking!!!!! Or send Sam off on some errand or other!!

Ducky said...

Next year, be sure and give me more than a week or two's notice so I can schedule some time off. Do you think my kilt and motorcycle would clash? :P

elsie123 said...

Looks like you had fun. However, I must say that for some reason I expected to see a picture of Sean Connery in here...