Wednesday, May 11, 2011

C .O.W.

I must be in SEVERE estrogen deprived mode.

I am so ticked off I can't even find my regular C.O.W. (Cranky Old Woman) photo...but I found this one of a Highland cow.

When "this" happened I got so mad my eyes crossed, and I couldn't see straight.

We are nearing the end of a hot and heavy school bond election. Having subbed for our school district for five years and knowing first-hand the condition of our schools...I am voting Yes.

Someone on a forum put together a slide showing how much our school district is spending per student compared to what other school districts are spending per student. (I know...that's kind of like comparing what I spend at the grocery store to what YOU spend at the grocery store...but we won't go there.) Our maintenance is higher than those same school districts he is using for I ask...Do you think that the higher maintenance cost has anything to do with the higher cost per student?

He replied back...
"When you imagine maintenance costs what do you think is included?"



Like I am JUST a woman and JUST a housewife and simply cannot understand something as complicated as maintenance?

I * M * A * G * I * N * E ????!!!!!

To say I am a bit ticked off is putting it extremely mild.

I replied back that after five years of subbing for our school district that I did not IMAGINE the gas leaks in the chemistry lab. I did not IMAGINE the electric short that vacated the class I was subbing in until they could trace the problem. I did not IMAGINE plumbing failures. I did not IMAGINE...etc.


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