Sunday, May 8, 2011


I had to check out my latest photo uploads before I could figure out what to blog about today. A LOT is going on around here. I'll just comment in the order the photos loaded.

This was my daddy's "toy." An old B Model Mack. When Daddy had it, it was red. It was sold to a man my youngest brother worked for (aka...oh, never mind...I promised not to call him "the Brat" any more...but he's the brother who put rocks in my gas tank) when he lived in Arkansas. The truck has been completely gone through! And my understanding is that if baby brother ever gets the information to him...Mr Chrisman will have a plaqued engraved and the truck dedicated to my dad.
Some high school classmates and I went to a bar. :-) Yes...many of you didn't think I had it in me did you? LOL We have another classmate who after retiring from the Navy formed a band with his wife. They were playing about 25 miles from us, so we piled into a couple of vehicles and went to hear them. We always stay until the last song is sung...and have a blast. I had my one margarita...only part of it 'cause one of the girlfriends accidentally knocked it over. She tried to buy me another, but since it was well over half gone, I wouldn't let her. I told her, "Next time." Think we had a total of six of us there.

Judy, Earlene, Kathy Melanie, Me
PS Earlene and I have been friends since 5th grade. Melanie was my first BFF when I moved here in the 3rd grade.

OUCH! Notice a difference in the feet? See the red splotch on the left foot? Can you spell W*A*S* in red wasp? I had on a pair of dress sandals last Sunday. Saw a red wasp on the step and - vicious woman that I am - stepped on him. It was like slow motion. My eyes widened and my eyebrows touched my hairline as I realized that I'd only stepped on half of him...and the half I stepped on was not the "business" half. (Yep...this was a day or two later, and I really do need a fresh pedicure.)Horrified, I stood there like a dummy as he twisted his ugly abdomen and popped me at the side of the base of my big toe...on that knobby, boney part...see the white circle? I did pretty good until Tuesday. Itcharama city. I kept it sprayed with a topical anti-itch stuff. On Monday, I took the ice pack out of my lunch bag, wrapped it in layers of paper towels and plopped my foot on top of it. But Tuesday...NOTHING helped! At lunch I went to the store for some benadryl. Took one or two! Ahhhhhhh....within 30 minutes...RELIEF!

Do you remember Topo Gigo on the Ed Sullivan Show?
I can still hear, "Edddieeeeee." LOL

I do have some C.O.W. issues, but will not burden any of you with them. But I've done the "eyeroll" so many times that I have a headache and in all probability am afraid they are going to "stick like that." eyeroll...did it again!


Kar said...

I sure hope your foot is doing better by now. Those red wasps are vicious. I hope you had a great Mother's Day!

Ducky said...

Papa's truck looks nice. I don't remember if I ever saw pictures of it after the rebuild.