Wednesday, June 1, 2011

There's TWO of Us in the Office

Da Judge and I get along just fine. We are in great company! Each other's! LOL

Over the long weekend, she and her husband rented a carpet cleaning machine and cleaned the carpet in her office (so glad I have tile LOL). Tuesday morning I walked in, got everything up and running in my office, then opened the door to hers. You needed motion sickness medicine to walk across the wavy floor.

She called a carpet guy in. He told her that evidently the glued on foam backing came loose...and with the age of the carpet (about 25-30 years if you can believe that...oh...a government CAN believe that)... So, she's getting new carpet. ;-)

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Florida Farm Girl said...

Well, she is Da Judge, after all!! Glad to see you're in good company.