Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another Law Enforcement Visit

Not much interesting happened this week. I am working on a quilting project but it's going to be slow going. I'll post about it later when I get a chance to take photos.

However, the Police Chief stopped by the office to visit with me this week. When I pushed the alarm - panic button - tucked in an out-of-the-way place under my desk that came to light last guessed it...a couple of officers were dispatched to check it out. The Sheriff's office notified them that it was a false alarm.

I told him to consider it a test and that everyone did absolutely Mahvelous!

I also found out that no only did I get wet paint on my slacks, On Monday Da Judge reported that she had smeared it on the backside of a sleeve her light yellow jacket. Combined, we ruined a whole suit.

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Kar said...

Sorry Sherry, but I'm laughing here over all the little happenings at work. At least you know that it's not a dull place to work in. Keeps you on your toes and provides ample entertainment. As far as the ice cream, I can completely understand how you got a stain on your shirt. It's very hard to contain yourself when you are eating Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla. I would have had the same problem as you. :)