Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Gift from Switzerland

Remember this? I HAD to have the pattern. Made ONE blasted fish cat bed. Thought I had destroyed the pattern 'cause I was never EVER going to make another.

One day, I received a message from JessicaQuilts over on the HGTV quilting forum. Rita in Switzerland was looking for the pattern. Jessica looked high and low. Alas, the discontinued pattern could not be found. THEN she remembered me.

I proudly sent the pattern across the pond to Rita in Switzerland. I received this earlier this week in return.
Don't know about y'all, but I'm starting at the back of the book and working forward. Life is too short not to have dessert first!

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JessicaSews said...

I am so glad that you didn't toss that pattern!! What a "good ending" for it... send it over an ocean, across some mountain peaks to someone who can't wait to use it! What a nice gift from Rita. Have fun making the desserts (wink wink)!