Sunday, August 14, 2011


We have no green grass except right against the beds where I've kept pouring water on a weekly basis. The rest of the's like walking across a field of Rice Krispies.

Yet, this morning, the neighbors were mowing their brown dead grass and dirt was flying everywhere! I noticed that down by the road something had really stirred the dirt. I walked out on the front porch...the neighbor to the east was mowing and the cloud of dirt was drifting across the front of our property and toward the neighbors to the west. We live up the hill, so didn't get any of it...thank God!

Lack of rain mixed with temperatures not only over 100 degrees F, but also 110 degrees has sucked the life out of my LOL brain has gone on a vacation can't remember what these are'll come to me later. But as you can tell, the weed trimmer should've been run a week or so ago. I'm going to mix up some Round-up next weekend...not a threat...that's a promise! (Have I ever mentioned that Sam does not like Round-up? It's my secret weapon.)

This post will self-destruct in 10 seconds....


Carol said...

Hey, that looks like my Oklahoma yard -- actually, you have more green. After our first rain in nearly 2 months, my husband gave into the overwhelming desire to mow our yellow grass and bare spots. Dust! -- luckily it didn't reach our neighbor (my sister) who lives 1/4 mile away. Men!

Holee said...

Everything I planted last year started to come up and then gave up. At least you had some snow and a little wet. Here in San Antonio we have had nothing..well last night it rained for 10 minutes but dried up as it hit the ground.

We have a 6 inch split in the center of the yard...but healthy weeds. Wonder how weeds can grow without water?