Friday, February 4, 2011

This Morning

I LOVE IT!! Sam said he thought it started snowing about midnight. Temperatures began below freezing and remained there. I left the house a bit early and made it down the driveway to the blacktop county road. Soft, soft snow with no undercoat of ice. No slipping and sliding for me. I stopped for photos every fraction of a mile. Just took my time. I don't know if you remember this old stump and fence...but my boss, Da Judge, wants two more photos of this scene...Another in the spring...and one in the summer. To go along with this one I took in the fall. She wants prints of them to mat and frame and hang in our office! :-)

We had a small turnout at the courthouse. Some offices didn't open at all. Others closed before lunch. We called around and found that the BBQ place was open so Da Judge went out for chopped beef sandwiches for us. We sat around the desk eating and talking. Did a bit more work. Next thing I knew my red blazer and scarf were tossed on a chair as she said, "We're going home." About mid-afternoon.

I stopped at the grocery store for milk and a few other things. Called girlfriend Earlene and told her the roads were wet but clear and the parking lot at the grocery store was slushy so she wouldn't have any trouble. I think I woke her from her nap! LOL

Tomorrow's Saturday! CARTOON day! ;-)


Cherry said...

Maybe we could house swap! I'll go to the northern hemisphere for the snow and you can come to the southern hemisphere for floods and cyclones :) Doesn't that sound like a fair swap?

Martha said...

You do have a good gift with photography -- those pictures are awesome!!!

Sounds like you have a great boss --