Saturday, January 14, 2012

Da Judge was given a Kindle Fire for Christmas. She mentioned needing a case and looked at me and said, "Like yours." And she smiled real big. I told her about the different type cases: pouches you put the Kindle in, then remove and had to lay the pouch down or whatever - or a case like a book cover. She said, "Like yours!" I asked her about colors and she said that she's an "autumn" person and the fabrics in the mug rug I made her for Christmas would be just perfect if I had more of them. I did.I told her she would have to stick some velcro on the back of her Kindle with my style case because I don't like the elastic bands holding down the corners because of my keyboard. She looked at her KF and noticed that bands would run across the corner of her screen. The stick-on velcro would be just fine. This is my Kindle and I'm giving it a good shake to show how well the velcro holds.
Sunrise... Day time...Sunset... (Not all on the same day.)

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