Monday, January 30, 2012

Movie: One for the Money - Warning Spoiler Alert


Best casting: Sherri Shepherd as Lula. She was LOL funny.

Katherine Heigl did an okay job as Stephanie.
Jason O'Mara was a decent Morelli.
Ana Reeder aka Connie - Where were the boobs? Not as much cleavage as Connie should've had - or big hair either.
Have no idea who either actor/actress were that portrayed Stephanie's parents.
Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur. I like Debbie Reynolds. And she was funny as Grandma Mazur. But she's not the least bit bony. Not the body I had in mind for Grandma.
Patrick Fischler - don't have an idea who he is - but he did a good Vinnie.

Things that were wrong:
The Plums' house is supposed to be a duplex with non-matching paint jobs on each half.
After Lula was beaten, she was not rolled out of Benito Ramirez's pickup. Nor did she spend just a few hours in the hospital. He carried her up the fire escape and left her outside Stephanie's bedroom window. He nearly beat her to death.

I've got to reread One. There was no...and I do mean NO...sexual tension between Stephanie and Ranger. Hmmm...wonder if it started in Two.

I do intend to see it again. :D


tisme said...

I love the books! I am looking forward to seeing the movie. Was not thrilled with the commercials showing Ranger, just not the one of my imagination. BUT, not sure anyone could be close to my imagination. Sorry gotta run, having a major hot flash!!!!! rofl

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

You didn't spoil anything for me...I have not read it or seen the I won't have a clue :)


Anonymous said...

I read the books and watched the movie twice. They dont say what happens to sal inthe movie. I forgot. Anyone remember?

Sherry said...

I'm not placing Sal...???

(All I can think of right now is Sally Sweet and he's not introduced in #1.)