Friday, February 3, 2012

Little Sewing - Lotta Sick

Ever hear of a "mug rug"? It's a mini placemat just large enough for a mug and a cookie or two. I was asked to bring a little gift for a Valentine's dinner for the older ladies' class at church. Thought this would work.

This was my "post" the last couple of days.
I did make it to work today. Took ALL DAY LONG to close out some paperwork for January so that I could post for the treasurer to pay. Had a couple of glitches - one the treasurer had to deal with someone else to get straight. Then I found out one of them was also a duplicate billing. They tried...but my computer program is better than theirs!

Yesterday I noticed that Sam was having some "sympathy" coughing. I get home from work today...and he's not feeling well either. He's in bed. I'm about to head to the other one. Hopefully we can get some rest if we aren't keeping each other awake. Mainly ME ... I take cough syrup...he doesn't. "It will run its course." Yes it will...and make both of us more miserable.


Kar said...

The mug rug is really cute! I hope you both feel better over the weekend. Knock on wood, no crud here this year.

Holee said...

My son and his family in Pa. just came down with the's late this year and they didn't get the shot so they are all pretty sick.

Stay warm, chicken soup and feel better soon!

Penny said...

I hope you are feeling better!