Sunday, August 26, 2012

More Pears and a Special Birthday

Sam peeled a bucket and a half of pears while I quartered and  cored. We filled the dehydrated with quarters.
Grated enough for another double batch of pear cakes.  One to eat and three more for the freezer.
The remainder was sliced and sauted in butter with brown sugar and just as they got tender - a considerable :D splash of rum.
Perfect by themselves, in crepes, over pancakes.  What about a scoop or two of Blue Bell homemade vanilla flavor ice cream?  OR what about a slice of toasted pear cake topped with a scoop of ice cream, covered with sauted pears AND a dollop of whipped cream. Think that's too much?  NAH!  I don't think so. :D 

I bought some pretty fabric yesterday for placemats.  I hope there's enough for a table runner too.
This is for a table topper. (Photos of finished projects to follow in late September/early October.)
And last but definitely NOT least - Happy 84th Birthday to my Sean.  A rose for you.

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